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Why Should I do a Journal?

This is a simple but effective method to open your eyes to what is going on in your divorce or co-parenting relationship. 

Each day I ask you a couple questions to help you reflect on how you are feeling, what is going on and how you can change the dynamics if you so choose.

You've got nothing to lose except pain and anger - give it a shot!

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About Divorce & Co-Parenting Coaching


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Start building your confidence after divorce. We can restart your confidence through divorce coaching and/or co-parenting coaching.

Smile Again

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Start gaining your smile back. No more faking it until you make it. With this program you'll gain a smile that comes from deep within.

Family Time

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It's time to appreciate and enjoy your family time again. No more wasting it on bitter messages or fretting about court. You can breathe easier when things start improving through the program.